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The event for my son's birthday at Scooter's Jungle Simi was perfect. We were very happy with the booking process. Once we arrived on the date of the event, we were greeted at the door, and was explained the check in process. Once inside, Michelle was awesome in helping out, directing, and playing with the kids. In the dining room it was great, and Maddie was very helpful and accommodating. On a scale from 1-10, I would definitely rank it at the 9-10 range!

A Simi Valley parent.

My daughter loved her party! I would rate the party a 10 and I would definitely recommend Scooter's Jungle Valencia to our friends. Both Steven and Allison were great and kept the party moving smoothly. Everyone had a great time (from the smallest guests and even many adults). Family members from the Pasadena area have already recommended Scooter's Jungle Valencia to a few of their friends. From beginning to end the party was everything we hoped it would be. Allison was wonderful and patient with all of the kids. I really appreciated her help in packing the leftover food too. Checking out was simple and easy (no hidden charges). The cart service before and after was also great. Even the pre-party assistance via the telephone and email was amazing. Scooter's Jungle Valencia customer service exceeded my expectations.

Thank you again,

Kristie Alcalde

I am writing to thank you all, and especially Jimmy, for a wonderful birthday experience this past weekend. We celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday with you on Saturday and it was amazing! Delilah and her friends had a wonderful time, and I have never been so relaxed at a birthday party before. From the pre-planning to the set-up, to the orchestration of the event, you were so organized and professional. Jimmy was excellent with the kids and did a great job of supervising, assisting, coordinating, and communicating with all of us. We will definitely be back, and I have already recommended Scooters to many of my friends for future birthday celebrations.

Thanks again for everything!!


Melanie Formaneck

Just had my son's 5th birthday at Scooter's Jungle Simi Valley. It is new and very clean everywhere. All the staff were very friendly and helpful from start to the finish. There was a ton of stuff for kids to amuse themselves with. The dining room was very big and they put out all the food that we ordered and brought ourselves. We really had to do nothing once we arrive except to have fun! Excellent facility and team clearly understands customer service!

Satisfied Parent

We wanted to throw Naomi a big bash for her big 06 and we absolutely made the right decision to come to Scooter's Jungle in Valencia. Anthony at the front desk was thorough and very pleasant (especially since it was at 9am) and our helpers Alyssa and Spencer were helpful, happy and took care of everything. Everything was taken care of, everybody was happy, if there was something we needed Alyssa or Spencer got it, no questions asked. This was the exact party that we wanted: STRESS-FREE and FUN!. Naomi will remember this party forever. It is obvious Scooter's Jungle takes pride in its employees and facilities. Thank you for helping this special day run so smoothly for us, we couldn't have done it without you.

Highest regards,

Leslie G (reer)

I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time at Julia's birthday party today. The entire Scooter's Jungle experience was first class. Julia and her friends had so much fun and the party was entirely carefree for me. Your staff handled every detail, including checking in regularly to ensure that I was pleased with how things were going...

Lisa S

Without a doubt, my kids love Scooter's Jungle and they ask for it every year at birthday time. They always have a blast with their friends and I appreciate not having to do a ton of work to make them happy.

Jennifer L,

I had my daughters high school graduation party celebrated yesterday night at your location in Valencia. I cannot emphasis enough how grateful I am to your manager and his entire staff, they were above and beyond accommodating and concern for easing things out on me, trust me I really needed the support they gave me. I hosted a party for 50 kids and a few parents and without them I just would have not been able to handle it. Please forward my most sincere appreciation to every member that was working yesterday night at your Valencia location, they truly saved my life.

Best Regards,

Denyss C

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful party on Sunday! This is our sixth Scooter's Jungle party and the best so far. I love the small changes you've made like giving unlimited pitchers of drinks and online invitation tracking. Having the balloons, favors, etc. all taken care of in-house is a lifesaver too, especially in this day and age when RSVPs are so sketchy. I didn't worry - I knew we could smoothly handle whatever number of guests showed up! Samantha was our party lead and she was terrific. She did a great job of seeking my input but also offering suggestions and guiding me easily through the event. My youngest daughter has a birthday in December and is already asking for it to be at Scooter's Jungle! We'll see you in December!

Thanks again,

Ashlee B

To Scooter's Jungle Guest Service

I would like to take the time to thank each and every one at Scooter's Jungle for making my son's second birthday a memorable (and easy) experience. We had been anxiously waiting for the day of my son's birthday party. From the moment we arrived all the staff members were extra nice and helpful to us and our guests. The overall experience was amazing. The room we were celebrating in was great. Everyone had a great time from the youngest (my son 2) to grown up guests. It was a great time for moms and dads to get a chance to play with their children. The staff member that was helping us, Jessica, was excellent. She was very friendly and assured that our party ran smoothly. She answered any questions we had and made sure everything ran smoothly. I was really happy to not have to worry about anything except having fun with my son. All of our guests really loved the experience. We would like to thank you all for a memorable day for our family. Excellent!!! Looking forward to other parties there in the future.

Giancalro A M.

I had my son's 7th birthday celebration today at the Aliso Viejo facility. We loved it! This was our first time here and the staff were remarkable. Kevin was in the arena with us and he did a GREAT job! He was very social, participated, had the children participate in fun activities (ex. hide and seek, freeze). and the adults as well. He made the celebration fun!!!!! THANK YOU KEVIN!

For the lunch area, Katie helped us and she did a great job. Very helpful!!! Organized and was a pro for the cake cutting!!!! She was very kind and helped us to our car to load the gifts, leftover food, etc.... THANK YOU KATIE!!!!

I am so happy a friend told me about this place. We moved out to Irvine in August and wasn't sure where to have our son's party! We were very happy how our son's birthday celebration turned out.

Glen and Cindy from Irvine

The staff for Tyler's birthday was great. They were fun, friendly and helpful, the facility was clean and in good shape, and we all had a great time. We will recommend Scooter's Jungle to friends with birthdays and we will be back.

Gina Olsen

Samantha and the entire staff was amazing. Thank you for a worry free event. Samantha was always one step ahead of me and as a former event planner, that was worth every penny. All the kids had a blast, the food was great and we will definitely be back.

Warm Regards,
Debbie from Irvine

I just wanted to make it a note that we had a amazing time today here at Scooters! Josh your staff member gave us exceptional service and provided us with "top of the line" care. We are so thankful for such a great experience and we will definitely be back in the future!

- Verdugo Hills YMCA Summer Camp

I'm totally impressed with the cleanliness of the whole place. The arenas, bathrooms, common areas, etc. It all looks brand new even though it's nearly 3 years old, right? There's no smell of sweat, which is totally amazing, since there's obviously a great deal of sweating going on. Also, your staff is fun and friendly and the whole program couldn't be easier. These open events are always a "nice" crowd of people and it's a safe, fun place to have fun as a family.

- Jennifer from Santa Barbara

What a great place for kids and adults. Jaydan turned 2 years old, and let me tell you, he had a blast! Scooter's Jungle is in a warehouse, where they have big rooms with giant blow up slides, jumpers, zip lines, air hockey, ping pong, and all kinds of toys for the kids to play with. You get your own private room with jumper and play area, food area with tables and benches - unlike Chuck E. Cheese, where you are being ran into by other people's out of control children. A Host is assigned to you, and MCs the cake cutting, birthday song, food, and cuts the cake, cleans up the messes, serves the kids and everything. THEY ARE AWESOME!

- Pleased Party Parent

"This week's Birthday Party Round up comes from Katie, who blogs at, and celebrated her son's birthday with a party at Scooter's Jungle.

Birthday Parties at Scooter's Jungle!
Once my boys started to reach Preschool age, I found I didn't really want to have their birthday parties at home. It can be a bit overwhelming at first with the amount of options we have here in Orange County for hosting kids birthday parties, so I thought it would be helpful for parents to start profiling some of the places we have been to for parties and talk about the pros/cons of each place. I'd also like to share some of the tips I have learned for maintaining sanity while planning them!...Read Full Article

- Katie -

"Hi, I have moved to Washington State, so no longer will be visiting your VERY FUN business. Thanks for a great 40th birthday for me and my twin sister!"
- Pleased Party Goer

"I attended a party at your Aliso Viejo location and the young man that assisted us in the playroom was so much fun! This was the fourth time I had been there, and it was by far the best. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated his energy. Thanks again for creating lifetime memories!"
- Pleased Parent

We had a great time at Scooter's! I took my three boys and friends and they all had a blast. I'm most impressed with how fresh, clean and new it all seems - even after all these years of losts of sweaty children and adults! Your staff was nice and helpful! We'll keep coming back.
Pleased Parent

Voted Best Party Place! Scooter's Jungle shocked this editor right out of her mandatory socks. With two-staffers at each event, who facilitate in engaging even the shyest of tots in the stunts, inflatable slides and rope-courses... you can't go wrong.
-Parenting OC

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