The Importance of Play & Exercise – Scooter Style!

Maria Montessori, the Italian physician, educator, and noted humanitarian, said it best; “Play IS the work of children.” As adults, we sometimes forget that play is how children learn to process life. From the smallest details, like noticing colors and sounds, to bigger life lessons like fair play, and getting along with others.

Exercise is an important part of play and serves to nourish the health of the growing body. Encouraging play and exercise while our kids are young will set the pace of how they may continue to nurture their bodies and minds as they move into adolescence and adulthood.

“Healthy body, healthy mind” is a good life motto to adopt and one that can serve us well. This is as important to adults as it is to children. Play and exercise go hand in hand in fostering creativity and imagination. Sometimes, it’s good for grown-ups to take a step back from the “busy-ness” of everyday life, and play, like a kid, with their children.

One of the greatest perks of being an “observer” at Scooter’s Jungle is that it’s not very long before you’re no longer an observer, but an active participant. The sideline benches don’t stay warm very long, because Mom and Dad are encouraged….no, it’s more like the kid inside Mom and Dad comes alive…and they just can’t help but get up and play. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing those smiles on children’s faces when their parents get up and join them. Great exercise, great fun, great memories. Families who play together, stay together! That’s why we love weekly Open Play times at Scooter’s Jungle. Play may be the work of children, but grown-ups can learn a lot from it too. Come play in the Jungle and get your daily exercise dose while you’re at it!

About Scooter’s Jungle:

Scooter’s Jungle is your neighborhood destination for private family fun in a safe, clean and active tropical-themed setting. Our award-winning facility offers worry-free birthday parties, open play, school fundraisers, team events, and fresh homemade pizza. Plus, our perfectly-sized equipment allows kids and parents to play together creating an active, memorable, and fun-filled experience where everyone is treated like jungle royalty.

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