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You don’t have to tell a parent that children are very tactile.  Just the mere mention of the words “Don’t touch!” to a child and you know you’ve pretty much made it a temptation almost impossible to resist.  Which is why getting your kids in the kitchen at an early age is a great teaching tool.  Children learn with all of their senses.  They love to touch, feel, taste, smell.  Even children as young as two, can find a great sense of accomplishment by helping to prepare their own food, with the added bonus being that they like to eat the food they helped prepare.

Pizza is one of those magical things that falls under the win-win category with kids.  They love pizza.  Given the choice, children would probably eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND between meal snacks.  What better food can satisfy both happy tummies AND teachable moments?    Kneading and rolling pizza dough is a tactile joy that fine tunes motor functions and helps strengthen developing hand and arm muscles.  Spreading pizza sauce can be the source of giggles when the sauce becomes a canvas for edible art.  Yes, it can get messy, but one of the things that we encourage during family fun time in the kitchen is an old adage that Granny used to say; “Everything always tastes better when it was messy to make and you smiled while you were making it!”  Expect a little bit of mess.  After all, we’re having fun, right?

Homemade pizza is inexpensive, easy to make, can be easily adjusted ingredient-wise to make even the finickiest eater happy, and ultimately, it’s one of the best ways to introduce children to being pro-active in their nutritional choices.

Why not have a homemade pizza night tonight?  Here’s a great site from a mom who has a weekly homemade pizza night.   She makes it really easy, and she even appeals to Scooter’s sweet tooth with a “Sweet Pizza Pie” recipe for dessert!  Mmmmm…

Buon Appetito!

About Scooter’s Jungle:

Scooter’s Jungle is your neighborhood destination for private family fun in a safe, clean and active tropical-themed setting. Our award-winning facility offers worry-free birthday parties, open play, school fundraisers, team events, and fresh homemade pizza. Plus, our perfectly-sized equipment allows kids and parents to play together creating an active, memorable, and fun-filled experience where everyone is treated like jungle royalty.

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