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Since we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary, and Scooter LOVES to celebrate birthdays, we thought it would be fun to look up how to wish someone a happy birthday in other languages.  So, here are some ways to say words of cheer for a birthday celebration.  Maybe you have someone special in your life who would appreciate hearing those joyful words in their native tongue.

Spanish – “Feliz Cumpleaños!”

  • Pronounced:  fuh-leez coomplee-anyos

Chinese (Cantonese) – “Sun Yat Fai Lok!”

  • Pronounced:  sàang yaht faai lohk

Italian – “Buon Compleanno!”

  • Pronounced:  bwohn com-play-ah-no

Japanese – “O-tanjoubi  omedetou gozaimasu!”

  • Pronounced:  oh tan jo bee oh meh deh toe go zha ee mas

Tagalog – “Maligayang Bati sa iyong kaarawan!”

  • Pronounced:  mah lee guy yong bah tee sah eeyong kah ah da wan

French – “Joyeux Anniversaire!”

  • Pronounced:  zhwa-yeuz ah-nee-vair-SAIR

Vietnamese – “Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat!”

  • Pronounced:  jook mung shin nyaht

German – “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!”

  • Pronounced:  ah lays gootah zoom gehboorst tahg

Korean – “Saengil chukha Hamnida!”

  • Pronounced:  Sen hill chook kah hahm nee dah

Russian – “S dniom razhdjenia!”

  • Pronounced:  suh din yome rohz deen yeh

Hawaiian – “Hau’oli la hanau!”

  • Pronounced:  how oh lee lah hah now

Farsi – “Tavalodet Mobarek!”

  • Pronounced:  tah vah loo det moo bah rek

Irish (Gaelic) – “Lá breithe sona duit!”

  • Pronounced: law bre-heh hunn-ah dwitch

If you can’t find one you’re looking for on our list, here’s a great website that lists birthday greetings in many different languages and dialects.


How much fun is that?  Do you have a favorite?

About Scooter’s Jungle:

Scooter’s Jungle is your neighborhood destination for private family fun in a safe, clean and active tropical-themed setting. Our award-winning facility offers worry-free birthday parties, open play, school fundraisers, team events, and fresh homemade pizza. Plus, our perfectly-sized equipment allows kids and parents to play together creating an active, memorable, and fun-filled experience where everyone is treated like jungle royalty.

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