Party Planning During the Holidays – The Stress Free Way

It is that time of year again and we can expect it year after year, our little ones birthday, and we want to make it the most special of celebrations, but the planning process can become very stressful very quickly especially around the holidays. From choosing the perfect location, weeding through the party themes on Pinterest, selecting what to put in the goodie bags, planning the activities, to the final cost, one can become overwhelmed and the party may not seem like a good idea after all. This is where we can help, but first, one must be able to recognize their stress, and learn how to manage it before taking on any additional tasks.

There are two kinds of stress. The positive stress that helps motivate you to accomplish and succeed and the negative stress that will begin to tear you down and wear you out. Letting the negative stress take over any situation in your life will not only effect you, but will effect your entire family as well, emotionally and physically. Each person reacts to stress differently; headaches, stomachaches, irritability, and lack of sleep, which can then turn into more serious aliments if not taken care of. But don’t fret, we have come a cross a few tools that will help you recognize the signs of stress and help manage it while maintaining your emotional health which in turn is vital to your family’s healthy functioning and well being.

Stress Awareness
Six Ways to Sideline Stress

Now that you are equipped with the tools to help you manage stress when it creeps up on you, let us help you in planning your child’s special celebration. Check us out online or give us a call, and your party planning check list will be checked off faster that you will know it.
And remember… Worrying is using your Imagination to create things you don’t want. So when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, dance it off, breath, laugh with your children, and as our favorite little boy always says, “think happy thoughts” – Peter Pan
Happy Stress Free Holidays from Scooter’s Jungle

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