Healthy School Fundraiser Ideas

– Campus Bake Sales, a primary source of school fundraisers, are facing a major challenge when kids return to school this fall.

– The 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA), championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, changed the nutrition standards of more than 30 million kids.

– These standards were applied to vending machines, snack carts as well as to school fundraisers.

– States were given the option to determine how many “bake sale” fundraisers would be allowed that did not meet the accepted nutritional standards.

What should the PTA for elementary aged kids do? Searching for a local recreation fitness place that encourages parents and children to have fun together is a great way in keeping kids healthy and physically fit. Scooter’s Jungle offers fundraisers that meet the nutritional standards as set forth in the HHFKA legislation. Check it out at our website and ask our local management how we can make your next fundraiser worry-free, healthy and FUN.


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