Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving from Scooter’s Jungle

As Thanksgiving is almost here, Thank You! for your continued support as Scooter’s Jungle continues to achieve amazing results.  We hope you have achieved your personal and professional goals This year!

Our customers encompass a broad range of cultures, so we thought you would be interested in the following partial list of how some customers say Thank You in their respective languages:

  • Arabic: Shukran
  • Chinese: Xie xie (pronounced “Shyeh shyeh”)
  • Danish: Tak
  • Dutch: Dank je (pronounced “Dannk yuhh”) or Bedankt (pronounced “Buh dannkt”)
  • Filipino: Salamat
  • French: Merci
  • German: Danke (informal; pronounced “Dahn-kuh”)
  • Hebrew: Toda (pronounced “Toh Dah”)
  • Italian: Grazie
  • Japanese: Arigato (informal; pronounced “Ah-ree-gah-toh”)
  • Norwegian: Takk
  • Polish: Dziękuję
  • Russian: Spasibo (sounds like “Spa-see-boh”)
  • Spanish: Gracias
  • Swedish: Tack
  • Thai: Khawp khun khrap (if you’re male) or Khawp khun kha (if you’re female)
  • Vietnamese: Cam on (pronounced “Caam-ungh”)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

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