Plan your next Team Building Event at Scooter’s Jungle

Team building events have become an essential part of creating a productive workplace, benefiting all types of businesses operating within a corporate or retail environment.  They’re a great way for managers and business owners to build rapport with their team and raise morale within the workplace.  Scooter’s Jungle is proud to host many of these team building events, where co-workers can transcend the hierarchy of the workplace and employers can reward their employees who contribute to their company’s success.  With locations in Aliso Viejo, El Segundo, Placentia, Simi Valley and Valencia, your neighborhood Scooter’s Jungle offers 100% private parties all day, everyday.

Whether you’re organizing a team vs team event or just want to have fun, Scooter’s Jungle has the equipment, locale and amenities to make your team builder a success.  We can even customize your team builder’s activities based upon your specific products/services, focusing the theme on a team building exercise that you would like to emphasize.  You’re also free to keep it simple and just let everyone play then enjoy our homemade fresh pizza (made-to-deliver in our Placentia location) or have your favorite caterer provide food for your event.

For team building events, Scooter’s Jungle is the private party specialist.  To book, just call one of our professional event planners and let us do ALL the planning for you so you can ENJOY your team building event!  Ask about team discounts on weekday parties!

The Ultimate Arena is usually ideal for team building event needs and includes a variety of cool rides such as:  HUGE slide, challenging obstacle course for team relay races, a sports court (the highlight of most of our team building events), Ping Pong, Air Hockey and a Superball room or enclosed game room (arenas vary per location).  More enjoyable activities include bouncy basketball, tug of war and hand scooter races–Scooter’s Jungle is your “one stop” destination for a memorable event that your staff will not soon forget.

Our tropical custom-made inflatables and attractions are designed for high volume, indoor use and are suitable for groups of all ages. Each inflatable is put through rigorous testing before being released to any Scooter’s Jungle location. We anchor each inflatable to the floor and/or wall to provide extra stability. We have a daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule that keeps our facilities and equipment clean and fresh. Plus, our inflatables and attractions have a routine inspection plan for any ongoing maintenance needs.

We know you’ll enjoy sliding down the tallest and longest inflatable slides around or zip-lining through our inflatable jungle.  Next, move into the dining room and enjoy a traditional pepperoni or cheese pizza or one of our adult-friendly specialty pizzas like BBQ Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Hawaiian Pineapple and more!

We’re confident that your work group will thoroughly enjoy their next team builder and we’d like to help you get started planning out your event.  Contact one of our party planning specialists today for a rewarding adventure that your staff will love.

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi

Spring Break: Open Play at Scooter’s Jungle!

It’s one of the few times of year which children look forward to and parents scramble to accommodate.  Spring Break is right around the corner and Scooter’s Jungle has your answer for fun filled activities to keep your kids occupied all week long.

Consider setting aside some time for Open Play at your local Scooter’s Jungle.  There are so many activities to enjoy that will keep your kids active in a fun and creative setting.  Choose from any one of our convenient locations in, El Segundo, Placentia, Simi Valley, and Valencia–and while adult supervision is required you’re sure to enjoy the ‘Public Open Play’ event just as much as your little one.

Many students this year will be participating in a variety Spring Break programs and Scooter’s Jungle is just the place for program directors looking for fun ideas to keep their attendees entertained.  Furnished with towering slides and challenging obstacle courses, your party will enjoy up to 2 hours of fun-filled playtime in our Ultimate, Village, and JR! Arenas (arenas vary by location).

There’s so much to do in every Scooter’s Jungle, from inflatable jumpers to table games like Ping Pong and Air Hockey.  Not to mention we have a Super Ball room for more competitive fun.  The Village Arena is great for children ages 1-8 and boasts a wild zip-line, a 2-story mega webbed play structure, hand powered scooters, and an imagination zone where you’re free to be creative.

The JR! Arena and Dining Room contains adult-sized equipment so parents and program directors can have fun playing with their children.  This arena is recommended for kids ages 1-6 and is a playground and dining area combination, allowing your children to eat when they want without missing all the fun. (Offered at our Valencia location)

Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority and our award-winning facilities offer a safe and clean, worry-free zone where your kids can play to their heart’s content. Our facilities also provide food in-house with our made-to-order certified pizza kitchens–if your visiting our Placentia location your pizza is delivered to order for your convenience.  Don’t forget to try our delicious specialties for adults…BBQ Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Hawaiian Pineapple and more!!!

On your way out, make sure you stop by our gift shop to commemorate your Open Play adventure with a plush stuffed animal, goodie bags, or a Scooter’s Jungle T-Shirt signed by your guests–all available at an incredible value.

For more information watch the video below or connect with us today!  See you soon!!!

Scooter’s Jungle for Summer Program Fun!!!

One of the best things about Southern California are its summers.  This year, kids of all ages will be signing up for summer programs as a way to keep them entertained and supervised while their parents are at work.  Many of these programs have already begun enrollment with summer camp directors and program directors planning out their upcoming summer schedule of events.  Scooter’s Jungle happens to be one of the most popular destinations for many summer program organizations with several locations throughout Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Summer program organizers love Scooter’s Jungle because it provides a safe and fun environment for kids of all ages with open play and private event availability.  Jackie, a camp organizer from Huntington Beach wrote:

“I am the director of a summer camp and this is the second year I brought my group to Scooters Jungle! Both experiences were AMAZING!  This morning we were running late with 22 more kids than we had told [Scooters Jungle] to expect us with. The staff were very helpful and accommodating. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing!  They helped serve lunch and helped organize things so that it was smooth and enjoyable for my kids and my staff!! Thanks Katherine, Jenna and Alex for a great field trip today!”

Your time at Scooter’s Jungle will fly by as you experience the towering indoor slide and wild zip-line .  Sports enthusiasts will love our Sports Court, playing ping pong and air-hockey, and making their way through our challenging obstacle course.

Equipped with adult sized equipment, little ones enjoy Scooter’s Jungle just as much as the bigger kids.  In the Toddler Imagination Zone, tiny tots will enjoy being creative with lots of staff-organized activities.

After your campers are done monkeying-around in the Jungle, they can head into our dining room for pizza, chicken tenders, mini-corn dogs and drinks.  Don’t forget to visit our gift center for themed goodie bags, plush animals and other cool stuff.

Scooter’s Jungle locations can be found in El Segundo, Placentia, Valencia and Simi Valley.  To give your campers a summer event they’ll never forget click here to locate the nearest Jungle.  Call today to organize your camp event and  we’ll see you there!

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