3 New Year’s Resolutions for family

All in the family
How Your Family Can Spend More Time Together in the New Year

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time together as a family, you’re in the right place. With everyone’s hectic schedules, carving out some family time isn’t always that easy. Coming up with a special activity or a day trip helps everyone get on the same page. After all, your kids won’t be young forever. You don’t want to look back and wish that you’d spent more time together. Use these resolutions for families to start the New Year off on the right foot.

1. Cut Out Technology – At Least One Day a Week

Everyone is guilty of staring at their smartphone these days, kids included. Even if your child doesn’t have a cell phone, chances are they love to play video games, watch cartoons, or play a fun game while they borrow your phone. All this screen time can take the fun out of spending time together as a family. Make it a habit of putting down those screens at least one day a week. You can plan a weekend adventure as a family or spend some time playing outside. As much as your kids might groan over their lack of screen time, they could use the break!

2. Help Save the Environment

Kids are never too young to start learning about the environment. In the New Year, help your kids appreciate nature by taking them to a local park, planting some trees in your backyard, or spending a night under the stars. If you live near a beach or wildlife reserve, cleaning up trash can become a game, and it’s something anyone can do. The more time a child spends in nature, the more they’ll appreciate the environment later in life. Plus, a little peace and quiet will do everyone some good.

3. Play More as a Family

Parents, you could use a little more playtime in your lives. Instead of just watching the kids do their thing on the playground, it’s time to jump in the game and have some fun! Spend some quality time together as a family and plan a trip to an indoor playground like one of our five Scooter’s Jungle locations across Southern California. Our massive indoor areas are filled with equipment designed for kids and their parents. Whether it’s a heated game of tag, hide and seek, or just rolling down the slides, enjoy a fun-filled day out with your kids that they won’t soon forget.

Plan a trip to Scooter’s Jungle and experience the joys of playing together as a family! Click on a location to learn more: our Calendar lists open play events that are open to the public, or you can make a reservation for birthdays, team get-togethers, scout parties, and more!

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5 Essential Party Planning Tips for Your Child’s Birthday

Birthday parties are some of the most memorable events in children’s lives, and while parents love seeing their kids happy, planning these parties can be a little stressful! Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce the party planning stress and create a fantastic party for your little one. Here are five tips for planning your child’s birthday.

  1. Decide on a theme

Your child may want the party centered around his or her favorite character, or maybe a color or place. Themes are also helpful for parents, as they simplify your choice of invitations, decorations, games, food, and so on. So themes are a win-win for parents and children alike!

  1. Follow a planning timeline

Most of us are insanely busy these days, but don’t postpone party planning until the last minute. Ideally, you should start planning at least six weeks in advance. Create a party planning to-do list and schedule weekly tasks. This way, you will not only be prepared but you’ll also save yourself undue stress.

  1. Location, location, location

Decide whether you’ll be having the party at home or somewhere else. While having the party at home is convenient, off-site parties have a number of advantages—most notably being able to go back to a clean home after the party! You can often reserve space in a local park or community recreation center for a small fee. There are also kid-friendly restaurants, children’s museums,   indoor playgrounds, gymnastic centers, and even fire departments.

  1. Plan your guest list

It’s important to ensure that your child’s closest friends and relatives will be there at the party, because without them he or she just won’t have as much fun. If your child’s best friend or favorite aunt can’t be there, then consider changing the date—even if it’s not their exact birthday or the day you were originally thinking. Your child’s happiness should be your most important concern, and if he or she is not happy, you probably won’t be either!

  1. Try these activities and games

Towards the beginning of the party, you could have the kids color birthday hats or put stickers on a “Happy Birthday” banner. If you’re feeling up for it, you can have face-painting, temporary tattoos, or hand stamps; for these, you could have a family member (even a teenager) sit at a table off to the side and let kids go to her.

Scavenger hunts are also fun! Have children search for little party favors like stickers, balls, or pinwheels. Party favors could also be seasonal. If it’s in the fall, they could search for pumpkins; if it’s in the winter, give them one mitten and have them search for the other; if it’s near Valentine’s Day, have them look for matching hearts or halves of hearts.


Planning your little one’s birthday party should be enjoyable, not stressful! Use these tips to ease any planning anxiety you may have and create a great birthday party for your child. Do you live in Southern California? You can reserve a private party for your child at one of our Scooter’s Jungle birthday party venues for kids in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or Ventura County! We specialize in taking care of EVERYTHING for you – from the setup and teardown to the food and games and everything in between. Find a location near you now!

Remember to always have fun!

Indoor Playground or at Home, Which is Better for Kids Birthday Bash?

The question of where to hold a kids birthday bash can make the difference between a dull and an awesome party. The venue of a bash will place restrictions on what activities you can do and how many guests you can invite.

Birthday bash at home

The pros of holding the bash at home are;

  • There are no costs for venue
  • No Transportation of party goods and decor needed
  • Ideal if the guest list is not long

The biggest cons for holding a birthday bash at home are;

  • There is restriction of space. The average home will likely not have the space for seating all the guests and playful kids,
  • House Clean-up before AND after the party is needed,
  • Need to do LOTS of decorating if want a FUN themed atmosphere,
  • Limited activities. The games that can be played at home are limited as the equipment and playing items are not many,
  • Adults usually expect alcohol at a home party, increasing expense and changing the quality of the kid’s birthday party experience,
  • There is the danger of antagonizing the neighbors as the kids play around.

Jr Arena Aliso Viejo

Birthday at an Indoor playground

Indoor playgrounds like Scooter Jungle are a better alternative for birthday bashes as they offer more space and a wider range of activities for both adult and children guests. The advantages of a birthday bash at an indoor playground are;

  • There is ample space for comfortable seating during food and drinks for all invited guests
  • More fun and games indoor playgrounds have a wide variety of game equipment like inflatables, balls, swings etc,
  • More fun for the parent as the birthday venue handles everything leaving the parent to enjoy along with the other guests,
  • The indoor playground has qualified staff to supervise the kids during play time making it safer and interactive,
  • There are no worries for cleaning up after. You get in, enjoy and leave others to clean up which is a big relief,
  • Alcohol free zone…get’s rid of the hassle of deciding if you offer liquor at your child’s party,
  • There are no worries about the neighbors calling the authorities in protest to noisy on goings. The bash can get as fun and noisy as the kids want it.

Holding a kid’s birthday bash at an indoor playground takes most of the work from the parent’s hands and is handled by people who do it as a profession ensuring a better experience. Some will get worried that holding a bash at an indoor playground is expensive.

Look for money saving packages and deals when booking to save funds on your party. Cutting out unnecessary extras and handling some of the work is a way to get a good discount. Some venues will allow you to bring some food and drinks further cutting the costs and giving a nice variety to your food offering. At the end of the day, with a good arrangement , you are sure of loads of fun for kids and adults.

Planning the Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party

Pulling off the perfect birthday bash for a kid is sometimes tricky as you may overlook something you think is trivial but which means a lot to the kid. The costumes, food and drinks, games, décor and much more must be gotten right for the kid to feel the bash was good and amply entertain her/his friends.

The best way to ensure everything is considered and taken care of is by having a checklist of activities and items needed.

Planning checklist

  • Make a guest list and a budget
  • Choose 2-3 dates and time agreeable to the must attend guests – give special consideration to your child’s best friend(s) and close family members availability.
  • Look for a birthday venue if not having the party at home
  • Choose the party theme and décor
  • Select menu. If you want the food catered for by a catering firm, look for one and make the menu together
  • Send invites. Digital invites work better for easier RSVPs and Thank you notes

You will need different preparations depending on whether the party is being held at home or at an outside birthday venue. If the bash will be away from home;

  • Check whether all needed décor items are purchased
  • Check out the party favors offered at the venue. Look quality stuffed animals and goodie bags and see if the venue allows you flexibility to pay for ONLY the amount used of these items so you can pre-order larger quantities to ensure no last minute run-outs.

If you engage a birthday venue, let them run everything so that you are stress free. Let them decide on the what/when/why/where questions of the bash.  The venue usually has a timeline that works well to ‘Make it All Happen’.

  • Review the venue website and brochure to see what to expect before, during and after the bash.
  • Confirm what can and cannot be brought to the venue,
  • Book party décor items like balloons through the venue,
  • Confirm that venue has standard utensils, discuss color of utensils to ensure they match with your theme.

If the party is at home ensure;

  • The needed kitchen and table wares have been bought. Take an inventory of forks, plates, knives, cups, cake lighter, and serving utensils and buy anything missing
  • Order whatever party rental you will need (Tables and chairs)
  • Schedule the cleaning service 1-2 days before
  • Plan for 2-3 hours of activity and games
  • Order entertainment services (Inflatables, trains, reptiles, characters…etc.)
  • Plan for a cleaning service to come 1-2 days after the event to get your house back to normal.

2-3 days before the party;

  • Confirm with the birthday venue regarding guest counts / give-aways / food / timeline
  • Assemble all needed items not provided at the venue; drinks, costumes, goodie bags etc
  • Prepare the camera with fresh batteries

1 day before the party

  • Buy perishable food items and chill the drinks
  • Pick up the cake
  • For a home party prepare food items that can be refrigerated

Bash day

  • Designate an assistant to help you out
  • Decorate before guests arrive
  • Have a gift check-in system
  • Prep thank you cards
  • Prep the birthday kid on how to say thank you

After the party

  • Share photos and videos on social media
  • Send Thank You notes

Ultimate Arena Aliso Viejo

Plan your next Team Building Event at Scooter’s Jungle

Team building events have become an essential part of creating a productive workplace, benefiting all types of businesses operating within a corporate or retail environment.  They’re a great way for managers and business owners to build rapport with their team and raise morale within the workplace.  Scooter’s Jungle is proud to host many of these team building events, where co-workers can transcend the hierarchy of the workplace and employers can reward their employees who contribute to their company’s success.  With locations in Aliso Viejo, El Segundo, Placentia, Simi Valley and Valencia, your neighborhood Scooter’s Jungle offers 100% private parties all day, everyday.

Whether you’re organizing a team vs team event or just want to have fun, Scooter’s Jungle has the equipment, locale and amenities to make your team builder a success.  We can even customize your team builder’s activities based upon your specific products/services, focusing the theme on a team building exercise that you would like to emphasize.  You’re also free to keep it simple and just let everyone play then enjoy our homemade fresh pizza (made-to-deliver in our Placentia location) or have your favorite caterer provide food for your event.

For team building events, Scooter’s Jungle is the private party specialist.  To book, just call one of our professional event planners and let us do ALL the planning for you so you can ENJOY your team building event!  Ask about team discounts on weekday parties!

The Ultimate Arena is usually ideal for team building event needs and includes a variety of cool rides such as:  HUGE slide, challenging obstacle course for team relay races, a sports court (the highlight of most of our team building events), Ping Pong, Air Hockey and a Superball room or enclosed game room (arenas vary per location).  More enjoyable activities include bouncy basketball, tug of war and hand scooter races–Scooter’s Jungle is your “one stop” destination for a memorable event that your staff will not soon forget.

Our tropical custom-made inflatables and attractions are designed for high volume, indoor use and are suitable for groups of all ages. Each inflatable is put through rigorous testing before being released to any Scooter’s Jungle location. We anchor each inflatable to the floor and/or wall to provide extra stability. We have a daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule that keeps our facilities and equipment clean and fresh. Plus, our inflatables and attractions have a routine inspection plan for any ongoing maintenance needs.

We know you’ll enjoy sliding down the tallest and longest inflatable slides around or zip-lining through our inflatable jungle.  Next, move into the dining room and enjoy a traditional pepperoni or cheese pizza or one of our adult-friendly specialty pizzas like BBQ Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Hawaiian Pineapple and more!

We’re confident that your work group will thoroughly enjoy their next team builder and we’d like to help you get started planning out your event.  Contact one of our party planning specialists today for a rewarding adventure that your staff will love.

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi

Spring Break: Open Play at Scooter’s Jungle!

It’s one of the few times of year which children look forward to and parents scramble to accommodate.  Spring Break is right around the corner and Scooter’s Jungle has your answer for fun filled activities to keep your kids occupied all week long.

Consider setting aside some time for Open Play at your local Scooter’s Jungle.  There are so many activities to enjoy that will keep your kids active in a fun and creative setting.  Choose from any one of our convenient locations in, El Segundo, Placentia, Simi Valley, and Valencia–and while adult supervision is required you’re sure to enjoy the ‘Public Open Play’ event just as much as your little one.

Many students this year will be participating in a variety Spring Break programs and Scooter’s Jungle is just the place for program directors looking for fun ideas to keep their attendees entertained.  Furnished with towering slides and challenging obstacle courses, your party will enjoy up to 2 hours of fun-filled playtime in our Ultimate, Village, and JR! Arenas (arenas vary by location).

There’s so much to do in every Scooter’s Jungle, from inflatable jumpers to table games like Ping Pong and Air Hockey.  Not to mention we have a Super Ball room for more competitive fun.  The Village Arena is great for children ages 1-8 and boasts a wild zip-line, a 2-story mega webbed play structure, hand powered scooters, and an imagination zone where you’re free to be creative.

The JR! Arena and Dining Room contains adult-sized equipment so parents and program directors can have fun playing with their children.  This arena is recommended for kids ages 1-6 and is a playground and dining area combination, allowing your children to eat when they want without missing all the fun. (Offered at our Valencia location)

Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority and our award-winning facilities offer a safe and clean, worry-free zone where your kids can play to their heart’s content. Our facilities also provide food in-house with our made-to-order certified pizza kitchens–if your visiting our Placentia location your pizza is delivered to order for your convenience.  Don’t forget to try our delicious specialties for adults…BBQ Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Hawaiian Pineapple and more!!!

On your way out, make sure you stop by our gift shop to commemorate your Open Play adventure with a plush stuffed animal, goodie bags, or a Scooter’s Jungle T-Shirt signed by your guests–all available at an incredible value.

For more information watch the video below or connect with us today!  See you soon!!!

Scooter’s Jungle for Summer Program Fun!!!

One of the best things about Southern California are its summers.  This year, kids of all ages will be signing up for summer programs as a way to keep them entertained and supervised while their parents are at work.  Many of these programs have already begun enrollment with summer camp directors and program directors planning out their upcoming summer schedule of events.  Scooter’s Jungle happens to be one of the most popular destinations for many summer program organizations with several locations throughout Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Summer program organizers love Scooter’s Jungle because it provides a safe and fun environment for kids of all ages with open play and private event availability.  Jackie, a camp organizer from Huntington Beach wrote:

“I am the director of a summer camp and this is the second year I brought my group to Scooters Jungle! Both experiences were AMAZING!  This morning we were running late with 22 more kids than we had told [Scooters Jungle] to expect us with. The staff were very helpful and accommodating. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing!  They helped serve lunch and helped organize things so that it was smooth and enjoyable for my kids and my staff!! Thanks Katherine, Jenna and Alex for a great field trip today!”

Your time at Scooter’s Jungle will fly by as you experience the towering indoor slide and wild zip-line .  Sports enthusiasts will love our Sports Court, playing ping pong and air-hockey, and making their way through our challenging obstacle course.

Equipped with adult sized equipment, little ones enjoy Scooter’s Jungle just as much as the bigger kids.  In the Toddler Imagination Zone, tiny tots will enjoy being creative with lots of staff-organized activities.

After your campers are done monkeying-around in the Jungle, they can head into our dining room for pizza, chicken tenders, mini-corn dogs and drinks.  Don’t forget to visit our gift center for themed goodie bags, plush animals and other cool stuff.

Scooter’s Jungle locations can be found in El Segundo, Placentia, Valencia and Simi Valley.  To give your campers a summer event they’ll never forget click here to locate the nearest Jungle.  Call today to organize your camp event and  we’ll see you there!

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Considering throwing your next indoor birthday party at home?

fun-image-2-newBirthday parties are a big deal. The invites, the prep time, the entertainment, presents, the decor, the food, the cake. If you’re throwing a party at home you can’t forget to take inventory of kitchen items and tableware for the party, purchase everything you are missing. Don’t forget to schedule time to clean your home before and after the mess, ordering party rental equipment, and plan activities for 2-3 hours of your personal home invasion.

It’s easy to forget about all-of-the-above when you are planning your next kids birthday party, but for some of us, it happens every year. We find ourselves spending far more than we expect while trying to “make things easy” or “save money”. Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve already sent the invitations, booked the party clown and hired the taco-guy, you might be in for a repeat, but for everyone else there’s Scooter’s Jungle.

Scooter’s Jungle is conveniently located throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County. Each venue offers a complete party itinerary to keep your party-goers entertained, with age appropriate arenas, dining rooms and event supplies on hand.

There’s more…reserving your next private birthday party at a Scooter’s Jungle near you gives you access to our professional event planners, clean facilities, made in-house fresh pizza, balloons available to match any theme and party favors that start at just $3 each.

During your visit expect to be part of the FUN. Your itinerary may include sliding down the tallest, longest inflatable slides, obstacle courses, zip-lines, air hockey, tricycle races, and much, much more.

Throwing your next Birthday Party at Scooter’s Jungle will help you avoid many of the pains that you’ll face when having a party at home, from planning, to cost, to cleanup. Call today to talk to our party planners or reserve your next party.

The Top 5 Reasons Scooter’s Jungle is the Best Place for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

For all you busy parents: How many times have you found yourself scrambling for party ideas, searching through a list of birthday party places for some direction?

Scooter’s Jungle is the ultimate indoor playground.  Here are the top 5 reasons Scooter’s is the best place for your child’s next birthday.

1. Location.

Scooter’s Jungle is just around the corner with several locations, conveniently located throughout Orange County, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County. Our Scooter’s Jungle locations are in El Segundo, Placentia , Simi Valley and Valencia.

2. Pizza.

No birthday party is complete without it and we make it fresh in our certified kitchens. Be sure to try our delicious specialties for the adults…BBQ Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Hawaiian Pineapple and more! *fresh pizza made in house at all locations except for Placentia where it is delivered to order for your convenience.

3. It’s safe.

Our staff is fully involved in activities and they provide total quality service.  Our indoor inflatables provide a safely padded environment for kids of all ages.

4. It’s FUN, FUN, FUN!

Scooter’s Jungle is home to the tallest and longest indoor inflatable slides.  Your kids will be jumping, swinging, climbing and sliding through our safe, clean and creative environment.

5. Excellent Event Venue & Service

Planning a party can be a big undertaking for any parent.  Let Scooter’s experienced party planners help you plan the perfect party.  From food to goody bags to last minute plush gifts, we know how to make your party a complete success!

For further questions and open play information please visit us at scooter.coalitionteam.com.

Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving from Scooter’s Jungle

As Thanksgiving is almost here, Thank You! for your continued support as Scooter’s Jungle continues to achieve amazing results.  We hope you have achieved your personal and professional goals This year!

Our customers encompass a broad range of cultures, so we thought you would be interested in the following partial list of how some customers say Thank You in their respective languages:

  • Arabic: Shukran
  • Chinese: Xie xie (pronounced “Shyeh shyeh”)
  • Danish: Tak
  • Dutch: Dank je (pronounced “Dannk yuhh”) or Bedankt (pronounced “Buh dannkt”)
  • Filipino: Salamat
  • French: Merci
  • German: Danke (informal; pronounced “Dahn-kuh”)
  • Hebrew: Toda (pronounced “Toh Dah”)
  • Italian: Grazie
  • Japanese: Arigato (informal; pronounced “Ah-ree-gah-toh”)
  • Norwegian: Takk
  • Polish: Dziękuję
  • Russian: Spasibo (sounds like “Spa-see-boh”)
  • Spanish: Gracias
  • Swedish: Tack
  • Thai: Khawp khun khrap (if you’re male) or Khawp khun kha (if you’re female)
  • Vietnamese: Cam on (pronounced “Caam-ungh”)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,