Healthy School Fundraiser Ideas

– Campus Bake Sales, a primary source of school fundraisers, are facing a major challenge when kids return to school this fall. – The 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA), championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, changed the nutrition standards of more than 30 million kids. – These standards were applied to vending machines, snack… Read More »

Best Indoor Playgrounds In OC

As a parent, one of the most important jobs you have is wearing your kids out enough so they’ll sleep well – whether it’s for a nap or a night. Orange County has some great indoor places where you can take your kids to wear them out regardless of what the weather is on a… Read More »

Small Business Success with Word of Mouth

Growing your business may be challenging, but never doubt the power of Word of Mouth! Word of Mouth marketing has been around much longer than print communication, even online communication; it has been around the longest, and is the most successful. So how do you achieve successful Word of Mouth marketing? Scooter’s Jungle gives you… Read More »

Party Planning During the Holidays – The Stress Free Way

It is that time of year again and we can expect it year after year, our little ones birthday, and we want to make it the most special of celebrations, but the planning process can become very stressful very quickly especially around the holidays. From choosing the perfect location, weeding through the party themes on… Read More »

Summer Playtime – Last Few Weeks

With the long, hot days of summer upon us, parents everywhere are seeking out ways that their kids can beat the heat without depending on movies, television or video games. Scooter’s Jungle, home of the tallest indoor slides, is the perfect solution. Featuring open play at locations throughout LA and the OC, the inflatables and… Read More »

A Fun Way to Fundraise

In today’s economic times, fundraising is more important than ever. But the fundraising options out there are pretty tired – how many rolls of gift wrap or candy bars does a person really need? Why not try something that puts the “fun” in fundraiser – an event at Scooter’s Jungle. Scooter’s Jungle has a fundraising… Read More »

The Small Business Gears That Keep America’s Engine Running – Small Business Saturday

The madness has begun. Having forgotten an important “Honey-Do” on his way home from work last Friday, my husband walked into the house without the milk I asked him to stop for. No worries. I jumped in my car to make a quick trip to the corner market. It just so happens that I have… Read More »

Party facility is a real jungle gym

Scooter’s Jungle in Aliso Viejo gives kids and parents the chance to be wild. By AMANDA PAZORNIK / The Orange County Register Sharon and Scott Diener live their lives in a jungle – or at least it feels that way sometimes. The pair owns Scooter’s Jungle, a facility filled with a huge inflatable slide, a tropical… Read More »

Scooter’s Jungle Franchisee Interview – Simi Valley

Elsy Nguyen and Siriya Feigenbaum Backgrounds: Sisters Elsy and Siriya have been part of the hospitality industry since childhood. Growing up in Thailand, their family operated hotels, and as a result, the girls learned the importance of customer service very early on. Upon emigrating to America, their family opened a restaurant, and the sisters came… Read More »