Scooter’s Jungle for Summer Program Fun!!!

One of the best things about Southern California are its summers.  This year, kids of all ages will be signing up for summer programs as a way to keep them entertained and supervised while their parents are at work.  Many of these programs have already begun enrollment with summer camp directors and program directors planning out their upcoming summer schedule of events.  Scooter’s Jungle happens to be one of the most popular destinations for many summer program organizations with several locations throughout Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Summer program organizers love Scooter’s Jungle because it provides a safe and fun environment for kids of all ages with open play and private event availability.  Jackie, a camp organizer from Huntington Beach wrote:

“I am the director of a summer camp and this is the second year I brought my group to Scooters Jungle! Both experiences were AMAZING!  This morning we were running late with 22 more kids than we had told [Scooters Jungle] to expect us with. The staff were very helpful and accommodating. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing!  They helped serve lunch and helped organize things so that it was smooth and enjoyable for my kids and my staff!! Thanks Katherine, Jenna and Alex for a great field trip today!”

Your time at Scooter’s Jungle will fly by as you experience the towering indoor slide and wild zip-line .  Sports enthusiasts will love our Sports Court, playing ping pong and air-hockey, and making their way through our challenging obstacle course.

Equipped with adult sized equipment, little ones enjoy Scooter’s Jungle just as much as the bigger kids.  In the Toddler Imagination Zone, tiny tots will enjoy being creative with lots of staff-organized activities.

After your campers are done monkeying-around in the Jungle, they can head into our dining room for pizza, chicken tenders, mini-corn dogs and drinks.  Don’t forget to visit our gift center for themed goodie bags, plush animals and other cool stuff.

Scooter’s Jungle locations can be found in El Segundo, Placentia, Valencia and Simi Valley.  To give your campers a summer event they’ll never forget click here to locate the nearest Jungle.  Call today to organize your camp event and  we’ll see you there!

Ultimate Arena Aliso Viejo

Play Ball – at the Jungle

Team sports can be an incredibly wonderful experience in a child’s life. Whether they begin when they’re first eligible based on age, or whether it comes as a desire later. Extra-curricular, athletic activities are a great way to encourage exercise, teach sportsmanship, ethics, and fair play, strengthen friendships, and most importantly, to inspire fun.

Coaches are often looking for ways to motivate their team and inspire teamwork. The best foundation for a cohesive team is one that is built on fun. While winning is great, it’s always important to remember the words of the great sportswriter Grantland Rice; “It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game.” As cliché as that may be, the basic tenant of truth holds true. Winning is of no great value if it wasn’t fun in the attempt, and the sting of a loss can be lessened if the kids are always encouraged to have fun.

What better way to begin the process of building team fun than to start your season with a team event at Scooter’s Jungle. Kids who did not know each other before the beginning of a season will get through that awkward first meeting if it takes place at a fun, neutral environment that encourages fun first. A team event at Scooter’s Jungle is the perfect ice-breaker.

Your team members already know each other pretty well? Then how about a mid-season playtime event at Scooter’s just for fun, or even as an incentive for being great sports and working together toward a mutual goal, or as a pick-me-up morale booster for the kids! Looking for a different way to celebrate the end of the season? A trip to Scooter’s Jungle is the perfect children’s activity that will make you an all-star amongst coaches and the parents. Give us a call. Our amazing staff will make your team event a walk in the park. Even better, it’ll be a romp in the jungle!

About Scooter’s Jungle:

Scooter’s Jungle is your neighborhood destination for private family fun in a safe, clean and active tropical-themed setting. Our award-winning facility offers worry-free birthday parties, open play, school fundraisers, team events, and fresh homemade pizza. Plus, our perfectly-sized equipment allows kids and parents to play together creating an active, memorable, and fun-filled experience where everyone is treated like jungle royalty.

Why Scooter’s Jungle is FUN for Parents Too!

As a mom, I know that when kids birthday party time rolls around, I start to get a little nervous. It’s not that I don’t love celebrating the natal anniversaries of each of my delightful offspring, or seeing the joy in their faces on that one day the world revolves around them. It’s the work. All that planning, all the shopping for party favors, food and all the fussing are enough to give even the most organized parent a panic attack. And that doesn’t even include the day of the party. The prep, the decorating, the game planning, the food…OY! I’m exhausted already.

Which is why when I heard that most magical of phrases coming out of a mom’s mouth after hosting her daughter’s birthday party at Scooter’s Jungle; “I didn’t lift a finger. They did all the work.” My attention was fully and completely hers. And she wasn’t the first, or the only to sing these praises. I heard over and over again words that only a parent could love. Words like; “We really didn’t have to do anything but enjoy ourselves.” Wait, what? Enjoy myself? Sounds fabulous! Please continue. “Yep. We played with the kids. We slid on the slide. We went through the obstacle course. Their awesome event staff played with the kids, and when the staff ran games, we played along. We even had a chance to visit with our friends. It was awesome!” Well yeah, that sounds awesome, but you had to share the room with other people right? “Oh no! We had the room to ourselves. It was our own private space for the duration of our party.” Okay, that’s great. But what about food, drinks, all that stuff? You had to set up and serve, right? “Nope, their staff did it all. They unloaded my car, they greeted our guests, they checked in the gifts…which made thank you notes later a breeze…they set up the cake and dining room, they even served all the food and drinks to the kids.” This is incredible. I’m sold. But wait! What about clean-up? I have to do that, right? “Absolutely not. They do that too. AND, they’ll help you load your car after the party too.”

Am I dreaming? Is there such a party nirvana that will take the stress out of my childrens birthday party world? Yes there is. The best part is, though it’s an awesome party venue, Scooter’s Jungle is much more. They have Open Play for Toddlers and for All Ages, they’ll help you plan and run fundraisers, and it’s a great place for kids to burn off some of that extra steam.

I heard nothing but glowing reviews about their cleanliness, their diligence with safety, their amazing and helpful staff. But what really made it all so great was seeing the smiles on parent’s faces and hearing them say; “I really had fun. It was good to play and feel like a kid again.” All this and more puts Scooter’s Jungle at the top of my “Parent’s Best Friend” list. Do parents love Scooter’s Jungle? Do monkeys peel their bananas from the bottom? Why yes, yes they do!

About Scooter’s Jungle:

Scooter’s Jungle is your neighborhood destination for private family fun in a safe, clean and active tropical-themed setting. Our award-winning facility offers worry-free birthday parties, open play, school fundraisers, team events, and fresh homemade pizza. Plus, our perfectly-sized equipment allows kids and parents to play together creating an active, memorable, and fun-filled experience where everyone is treated like jungle royalty.

Party facility is a real jungle gym

Scooter’s Jungle in Aliso Viejo gives kids and parents the chance to be wild.

By AMANDA PAZORNIK / The Orange County Register

Sharon and Scott Diener live their lives in a jungle – or at least it feels that way sometimes.

The pair owns Scooter’s Jungle, a facility filled with a huge inflatable slide, a tropical bounce house, a rope swing and more for kids and adults.

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Spotlight On: Scooter the Monkey

Super PackageHi Kiddos! Scooter here, from Scooter’s Jungle. What? You’ve never heard of Scooter’s Jungle? Then I’m the guy to tell you all about it because, lucky me—I live there! Scooter’s Jungle is an awesome place for kids and grown-ups to jump, play, and have a blast on huge inflatables, massive play structures and lots of other “active” games and toys! I work hard on my homework just like you, but when I’m done, I love having fun on all the totally cool equipment. My favorites are the ginormous slides and the zippy zip-line, but I like playing air hockey and bouncing in the inflatable bounce house too! You know what else I love? I LOVE playing at the amazing kids birthday parties at Scooter’s Jungle. They’re so much fun and I know moms, dads and parents have a great time too. My amazing team makes sure everything is taken care of from start to finish, so all Mom and Dad have to do is play and have fun too! And did I mention that we have the yummiest food that you can serve to your party guests? Our fresh home-made pizzas, corn dog minis, and chicken bites are so good it makes my tummy happy! We have everything you need to have a Scooterific party, school fundraiser, sports team event. We even have Toddler Time and drop in Open Play times too. Take it from me, there’s no place more awesomesauce than Scooter’s Jungle. So be sure and tell Mom or Dad to go to my website at and get on my email list as fast as you can so I can send you an invitation to come play in the “jungle”. Hope to see you soon and don’t forget your socks!

Welcome To The Jungle!

Ten years ago, we had a dream. That dream was full of happy, smiling faces. We wanted to provide a fun, safe and clean place where families could gather to celebrate special occasions or just come and play and where their fun could be worry and stress-free. With a lot of hard work, that dream became a reality. Scooter’s Jungle is the fruition of that dream, and the best part is, it just keeps getting better and better.

It’s our goal and hope that with the introduction of this blog, we might be able to become a part of a great, family-oriented community. As we share, we learn, and as we learn, perhaps, if we’re lucky, we can be of service or even provide teachable moments. We’re looking forward to hearing from and learning from our readers whom we hope will also become our friends.

So…welcome to the jungle. Please come and have fun with us!