Considering throwing your next indoor birthday party at home?

fun-image-2-newBirthday parties are a big deal. The invites, the prep time, the entertainment, presents, the decor, the food, the cake. If you’re throwing a party at home you can’t forget to take inventory of kitchen items and tableware for the party, purchase everything you are missing. Don’t forget to schedule time to clean your home before and after the mess, ordering party rental equipment, and plan activities for 2-3 hours of your personal home invasion.

It’s easy to forget about all-of-the-above when you are planning your next kids birthday party, but for some of us, it happens every year. We find ourselves spending far more than we expect while trying to “make things easy” or “save money”. Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve already sent the invitations, booked the party clown and hired the taco-guy, you might be in for a repeat, but for everyone else there’s Scooter’s Jungle.

Scooter’s Jungle is conveniently located throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County. Each venue offers a complete party itinerary to keep your party-goers entertained, with age appropriate arenas, dining rooms and event supplies on hand.

There’s more…reserving your next private birthday party at a Scooter’s Jungle near you gives you access to our professional event planners, clean facilities, made in-house fresh pizza, balloons available to match any theme and party favors that start at just $3 each.

During your visit expect to be part of the FUN. Your itinerary may include sliding down the tallest, longest inflatable slides, obstacle courses, zip-lines, air hockey, tricycle races, and much, much more.

Throwing your next Birthday Party at Scooter’s Jungle will help you avoid many of the pains that you’ll face when having a party at home, from planning, to cost, to cleanup. Call today to talk to our party planners or reserve your next party.

Party Planning During the Holidays – The Stress Free Way

It is that time of year again and we can expect it year after year, our little ones birthday, and we want to make it the most special of celebrations, but the planning process can become very stressful very quickly especially around the holidays. From choosing the perfect location, weeding through the party themes on Pinterest, selecting what to put in the goodie bags, planning the activities, to the final cost, one can become overwhelmed and the party may not seem like a good idea after all. This is where we can help, but first, one must be able to recognize their stress, and learn how to manage it before taking on any additional tasks.

There are two kinds of stress. The positive stress that helps motivate you to accomplish and succeed and the negative stress that will begin to tear you down and wear you out. Letting the negative stress take over any situation in your life will not only effect you, but will effect your entire family as well, emotionally and physically. Each person reacts to stress differently; headaches, stomachaches, irritability, and lack of sleep, which can then turn into more serious aliments if not taken care of. But don’t fret, we have come a cross a few tools that will help you recognize the signs of stress and help manage it while maintaining your emotional health which in turn is vital to your family’s healthy functioning and well being.

Stress Awareness
Six Ways to Sideline Stress

Now that you are equipped with the tools to help you manage stress when it creeps up on you, let us help you in planning your child’s special celebration. Check us out online or give us a call, and your party planning check list will be checked off faster that you will know it.
And remember… Worrying is using your Imagination to create things you don’t want. So when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, dance it off, breath, laugh with your children, and as our favorite little boy always says, “think happy thoughts” – Peter Pan
Happy Stress Free Holidays from Scooter’s Jungle

Scooter’s Jungle Selected For “Today’s Hottest Franchise Opportunities”

Announcing a special recognition appearing in the June, 2013 issue of Entrepreneur Startups published byEntrepreneur Media. Scooter’s Jungle was selected for the following honor:
“Today’s Hottest Franchise Opportunities”

A spokesperson from Scooter’s Jungle commented on the recognition: “This is quite an honor for us. The fact that Entrepreneur Startups includedScooter’s Jungle in its selection of “Today’s Hottest Franchise Opportunities,” signals that our constant efforts towards business excellence are paying off. We are proud to be included in this recognition.”

Scooter’s Jungle is your neighborhood destination for private family fun in a safe, clean and active tropical-themed setting. The award-winning facility offers worry-free birthday parties, open play, school fundraisers, team events, corporate team building events and fresh homemade pizza. Plus, our perfectly-sized equipment allows kids and parents to play together creating an active, memorable, and fun-filled experience. Learn More about Franchise Opportunity, Multi-Unit Franchisee Development at WWW.SCOOTERSJUNGLEFRANCHISE.COM

Physical Activity versus the Battery

Written by Sharon Diener
Monday, 4 March 2013 11:50

Although you can’t take the battery powered toys away from the kids, you can take the kids away from the batteries. At Scooter’s Jungle, we strive to give your kids the opportunity to PLAY, and Play Hard Without getting plugged in! We do it by offering tons of FUN, active play options to get your kids Sliding down the biggest slides in the industry, Bouncing, Zipping, and Climbing. But we don’t stop with the kids; parents find it easy to Go Wild at our place too!

How do you access the non-battery fun? Visit us at our multiple “Open Play” times, sign up at a favorite local camp this summer that visits us for their ½ day activity, such as “Sunshine Day Camp (661.288.7983)”, or host your own Private Birthday Party with us. We increase our “Open Play” dates during the summer to serve our community during the dog days of summer (just ask Hotdog at Sunshine Camp!). The best way to beat the heat and stay active this summer is to visit Scooter’s Jungle for a tropical, air-conditioned awesome Play Place to let the kids and parents burn off that extra energy!

Scooter’s Jungle is celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year, proud to be a part of Santa Clarita County since 2007. Scooter’s Jungle was founded in 2003 in Orange County, CA by Scott and Sharon Diener to fill a void of safe, clean, fun, Private Party venues for their own kids and yours. The Valencia location continues to be ran by the founders and has greatly enjoyed being a part of the Santa Clarita Valley.

We look forward to seeing you in the Jungle this summer for some COOL FUN! Please visit our website at for Open Play calendar dates/times and for Private Party booking information. You can contact Scooter’s Jungle-Valencia at 661-877-4400 or email us at