How to Make a Birthday Party Special!

What makes a birthday party special?  Is it the guests, the place, the food, the host or the birthday child?

The Guests:  Inviting relatives that really “rock the world” of the birthday child is where the memories start.  Of all the birthday kids friends who may become life-long friends, narrow down those 2-5 that are very important.  Choose a date / time that matches their schedules, so the party has the most important ingredient – the people.

The Place: 

  • Choose a theme, aged appropriate location for the birthday child & friends to play that has enough space for the adults to also celebrate.
  • Secondly, the place should be clean, lively and address the FUN needs of all ages in your group.
  • When parents can play along with the children, the stars align and memories happen!   Choose a place that lights up the birthday child’s smile and has something for all ages attending the party.

The Food:  Choose foods that are kid friendly, with adult appeal.  Pizza is a go-to kid friendly food with cheese and pepperoni always a favorite.  Since adults like more flavors, offer BBQ Chicken, Zesty, and/or Veggie.  Scooter’s Jungle Chicken Tenders or Mini Corn Dogs are also available. Fruit and veggies are party favorites with grapes and carrots leading the pack.  Parents enjoy all the varieties of a good veggie platter with a tangy dip.  Speaking of dips; chips and salsa are also a fan favorite!

The Host:  Hosts (okay moms) never seem to enjoy the party, they are always the one organizing and making sure everything is done and all the guests are being helped.  Imagine a worry-free party with no clean-up!  At Scooter’s Jungle we provide the venue, help you plan ahead, provide electronic invites, prepare the food, offer goodie bags, the music, set up the room, prepare the food,  document the gifts and pack you all up when you’re done and even provide you with e-thank you notes.  So now you can finally enjoy the celebration from beginning to end.

The Birthday Child:  It does not get any better than celebrating with the King or Queen of the event!  It’s their special day!

Birthdays, Special Events = FUN Memories

Scooter’s Jungle is the neighborhood destination to celebrate worry-free birthday parties in a safe, clean and active tropical-themed setting.  The award-winning facility offers worry-free birthday parties, open play, school fundraisers, team events, and fresh homemade pizza. Plus, our perfectly-sized equipment allows kids and parents to play together creating an active, memorable, and fun-filled experience where everyone is treated like jungle royalty.   Come try it out and see for yourself!

Jr Arena Aliso Viejo

Safety First at Scooter’s Jungle Playground

Inflatables continue to gain in popularity, but there’s a big difference between choosing an indoor facility that offers a private, safe, clean and fun experience vs. renting a bounce house for an outdoor gathering at your home or elsewhere.

Scooter’s Jungle places high importance on safety, and when you play in our facility, you can rest assured that our equipment is well maintained, anchored and never rented. We operate our facilities in the highest of operational industry standards to ensure a safe and fun experience. Our trained staffers monitor and supervise playtime and the dining room experience for the ultimate family and friends gatherings.

After ten years of operations, Scooter’s Jungle is an industry leader, providing indoor supervised facilities that are private, safe and fun. Play on our custom equipment and enjoy homemade pizza straight from our “A” rated kitchens. Don’t stress about the details – let us handle everything, including the supervision of activities in our playground, while you create a lifetime of memories.

Welcome To The Jungle!

Ten years ago, we had a dream. That dream was full of happy, smiling faces. We wanted to provide a fun, safe and clean place where families could gather to celebrate special occasions or just come and play and where their fun could be worry and stress-free. With a lot of hard work, that dream became a reality. Scooter’s Jungle is the fruition of that dream, and the best part is, it just keeps getting better and better.

It’s our goal and hope that with the introduction of this blog, we might be able to become a part of a great, family-oriented community. As we share, we learn, and as we learn, perhaps, if we’re lucky, we can be of service or even provide teachable moments. We’re looking forward to hearing from and learning from our readers whom we hope will also become our friends.

So…welcome to the jungle. Please come and have fun with us!