Scooter’s Jungle is your neighborhood birthday party place for kids. Only at Scooter’s Jungle will you find huge, custom-made inflatable jumpers and permanent structures that include the tallest and longest indoor inflatable slides. At Scooter’s Jungle, the equipment is right-sized for kids and parents to play together ensuring an active, memorable and fun-filled experience.

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas: Featuring both open play and private events including birthday parties, fundraisers and team gatherings, Scooter’s Jungle is a wild good time for everyone. Our free table games, Imagination Zone and DJ-quality music system add extra energy and excitement to your experience.

Kids birthday parties at Scooter’s Jungle offer an incredible time for all. Kids have a blast celebrating with us at our private party venue. Our indoor birthday party venue has what it takes to offer your family a memorable party celebration for your child. The big secret is that adults have a blast at our place too! One visit and you will see why Scooter’s Jungle is the best indoor birthday party place for kids. We pride ourselves on an incredible children’s party venue that excites and thrills all. High quality customer service is key to offering an incredible private party, our system has it down to a science.

Let our party planners organize all the details from start to finish. Our friendly, responsible and attentive staff unloads your car, handles the games, serves fresh – homemade pizza, cleans up and hands you a complete gift list to make sending thank you notes from our online system a breeze. We make sure parents have a worry-free experience and everyone is treated like jungle royalty! You focus on fun; we’ll focus on the details. Let US do IT for YOU!


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What steps are you taking to address COVID-19 concerns?

3/13/20 update:  We are requiring the following 7 steps to be incorporated into our parties immediately to align our parties with the requests of CA government and the CDC.  These steps are in addition to our venue sanitizing program.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we make these adjustments for the health & safety of all:

  1. Parties must be under 50 guests in total,
  2. Safety instruction staged for events with over 30 guests total,
  3. Contact games will not be allowed, guests encouraged to stay arms length apart,
  4. Frequent sanitizing in arena and dining rooms will continue as part of our normal operation during events,
  5. Only 4 guests dining settings will be set per 'bench side' to allow more space between guests,
  6. Candles will not be blown-out over entire bday cake, we will offer a pre-cut slice for bday child with candles to blow out,
  7. We will discontinue singing the 'Happy Birthday' song in dining room, but have a fun option available.
  • Our venue sanitizing program includes the following:
    • Regular Before & After hours Deep Cleaning
    • Frequent Cleaning Wipe-Downs During Store Hours
    • Hourly Restroom Checks for Cleanliness & Safety
    • To include 20 second-hand washing signage which is #1 task for individual health
    • Daily Area Checks for Cleanliness & Safety
    • Accessible Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
    • Along with Lysol spray disinfectant, we are proud to use commercial grade sanitizer, all purpose soap, and hand sanitizer for guest contact; plus, Lemon Quat disinfectant for heavy, non-food surface cleaning in addition to our other cleaners.  We have an excellent record with the health department whom inspects us regularly due to our on-site kitchen facilities.
    Additional Precautions: We have increased in-store cleaning protocols to ensure that the reception desk, doorknobs, phones, faucets, and check-in areas are regularly sanitized.  As an extra precaution, we ask that if you feel sick, display symptoms, or are recovering from an illness, please delay your visit to Scooter’s home for a later date.  We have asked the same of our staff.

What do you do with the leftover food?

Leftover pizza (there usually isn’t any) will be placed in takeout boxes and all other left over food items will be wrapped, packed and loaded onto a cart.

Can I take home the decorations and balloons?

We’ll pack up everything nice and neat and have it ready on a cart for us to take to your car after you have checked out.

What about clean up?

No need or worries, that’s our job! Once you have said good bye to your last guest and you’re all paid up we’ll help you load gifts, leftovers, and supplies into your car. We clean up the mess so you can go home, put up your feet and enjoy the smiles on your child’s face.

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

Gratuities for our staff are always welcome and appreciated. All service industries work for tips and our staff is no exception. If you feel our staff has done an awesome job please show it; if not, please tell us.

Dining Room Decor, ‘Special Requirements’?

Our dining rooms have a tropical theme decor. Host parents are welcomed to personalize their private dining room with themed items that they bring in. Intense dining room set-ups will require extra assist from parents during their event time. Jr! event start times may be delayed if a large set-up is involved. Ideal items to bring for standard set-ups are: Table covers, center pieces, balloons, dessert area decor (including non-glass frames and cardboard backdrops), small toys on dining/dessert tables. Items beyond this will need parent assist (during regular event time) to complete. We provide special masking tape for hanging small banner items on wood areas of our cabinets and/or bamboo trim (stores vary). Limited wall decor is allowed, but only with our tape. Nothing may be attached to wall graphics or dining benches. Nothing may be attached to our ceilings and/or anywhere that can not be reached while standing on the floor.

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