How many guests can I invite?

Each Party Package includes: 22 kids (under age 18), 20 adults + 1 free bday child. (Note Aliso Viejo location packages include 22 kids, 22 adults + 1 Free bday child). Additional guests are welcome for an additional fee per guest. If you have fewer kids than included and more adults, we will have the extra adults take the kid spots to save you money…but it does not go the other way around, kids can not take an adult spot.

Please contact your local Scooter’s Jungle for maximum occupancy.

How can I find out about discounts?

Stores run individual “DEALs” on a regular basis. Look up “More Options” on top right of store screen, or press the “Deals” button on the party info page for more info. Most deals can not be combined with other deals or package discounts. In-store discounts for Scouts/Teams/Military (if offered) can not be combined with other discounts either.

If I invite less kids and/or adults than included, do I get a discount?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount as the party price is based on the use of the arena and dining room. If you have a much smaller party, consider attending a Family Fun Event and renting our dining room for private dining during the event.

Why do Grandma and Grandpa get counted when they won’t go on the inflatables?

Even if some adults choose not to play, they are still guests that get our attention in both the arena and dining room. We charge 50% less for extra adults since they do play less…at times! Plus, bring it on…guests ages 80 and over are FREE!

How many staff members will be assigned to my party?

Typically, one staff will assist in the play arena and one in the dining room, plus one facility supervisor will be overseeing your eventalso. Larger events will have an additional staff to follow in both the arena and dining areas, but prior arrangements need to be made before your event. Please contact our event planners 2-3 days ahead if you expect over 50 guests attending your event.

Do you provide Invitations and Thank-You notes?

Scooter’s Jungle offers fun jungle themed or generic birthday electronic invites and thank-you notes that you can email to your guest. You can also opt to print them at home and hand out.

Does Scooter’s Jungle provide paper goods and decorations?

With all Party Packages, Scooters’ Jungle provides: plates, napkins, forks, and cups (all in white). We offer colored tablecloths for a nominal fee and you are welcome to bring your own themed tabletop decorations. We have taken great care to keep our dining rooms in great condition for you. To maintain this condition, decorations may not be taped/stapled/tacked to the walls or furniture.

Does Scooter’s Jungle provide balloons?

Yes, we use quality balloons and have a variety of offerings and colors! Balloons are included in our “Over the Top” party package. We offerour standard ‘Tropical themed balloons’ or we canmatch most party theme colors. You are welcome to bring your own balloons, just be careful driving with them!

Does Scooter’s Jungle offer goodie bags or other guest gifts?

Scooter’s Jungle offers a funselection of premium themed goodie bags,ranging in price from $2.75 to $5.00, along with a variety of competitively priced plush animals (including our popular Scooter Monkey). For our complete selection of goodie bags& plush animals, visit the ‘Party Supplies’ section of our Scooter’s Jungle web site, (supplies may vary by location).

What is a “Memory Shirt”?

All party guests are invited to sign the Scooter’s Jungle Memory T-Shirt and write personal messages with brightly colored sharpies for the birthday child. The Memory Shirt is included with our ‘Over the Top’ Party Package or available as an ‘Add On’ option. The Memory T-Shirt reminds the birthday child of their special day at Scooter’s Jungle.This attractive t-shirt can also be kept unsigned and added to your child’s wardrobe!

Foods Allowed with Food Handling Charges

Please see list of food items host CAN bring in at no charge. Food Handling Charges will apply for: Extra fruit/veggie platter(s) (beyond 2 total), Cold dishes: salads, sandwiches, cold cuts, and Hot dishes: main and side dishes. We offer a maximum “catering” fee, please contact store location for pricing. Please note that we can not keep dishes warm or re-heat them.

Restricted Items Not to Bring?

Hosts or guests may NOT bring in any type of glass containers (including glass bowls) please choose metal, plastic, wood or acrylic bowls, these work great! Guests also may NOT bring alcoholic drinks, drugs, firearms, knives, animals, reptiles or insects into the building. Items Host can bring in for additional fee are: Cold Platters, Meat Platters and/or Hot Platters.

Does Scooter’s Jungle provide birthday cake or cupcakes?

We love the creative variety of desserts that our hosts have chosen over the years to bring in. We do not provide dessert items but willing to assist you with your special find! Refrigerator space is limited, we can usually fit up toa 1/2 sheet cake. You are welcome to bring ice cream cake, but please note that we do not provide freezer space. “Hard frozen” Ice cream cakes, direct from the vendor, work excellent in our refrigerator during your play time. Our staff is good but cutting a frozen block is very challenging.Candles are available for a nominal fee.

What if a guest has food allergies?

We allow a guest to bring in individual servings for special diets or allergies that is “ready to serve” for individual use since we cannot assist in the prep of it. For “pre-approved” group requests, please contact the store manager. Please note we can not warm or re-heat outside food items.

What if the birthday child has food allergies?

We will request a doctor’s note on the allergy. With that note, we do allow one hot or cold platter at no cost; all other fees apply.

Is Scooter’s Jungle peanut-free? Egg Free?

No, although we do not use peanut by-products in our kitchen, we allow events to bring in outside foods,we therefore cannot claim to be “peanut free”. Our pizza dough and chicken tenders ARE egg Free. There is egg in our mini-corn dogs.

Can I bring in additional amusement?

With all the fun inflatables and games in the arenas, you won’t need additional amusement. However, if you would like to supplement the arena activities, you are welcome to bring in an entertainer, such as a magician, clown, character (like Cinderella or action hero), or balloon artist. Face painting is only allowed in the dining rooms in order to protect the play equipment. If your additional amusement requires set-up space and time there will be a handling fee (i.e. photo booth or D.J, set-up must be done within your scheduled time/use of the facility). Often, the vendor you are hiring for this extra amusement will reimburse you for this fee if you discuss it as part of your hiring contract.

Is a deposit required?

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. The balance is due and payable on the day of your party.

What forms of payment are accepted?

For your convenience we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as payment options. Some locations accept personal checks for event deposit. Checks are not accepted for final payment.

What if I need to reschedule my event?

Party date changes must be made at least ten (10) days prior to your scheduled event. A fee will be charged at the time event is rescheduled.

What if I cancel my Event?

If you cancel at least ten (10) days prior to your event, you may reuse your deposit for up to one year from the date of the cancelled event. For events using more than one time slot, you must cancel at least twenty-one (21) days before the scheduled event to reuse your deposit. For cancellations less than ten (10) days of the scheduled event, or less than 21 days for events using more than one time-slot, the deposit will be forfeited. If you simply choose not to show up to the event, or cancel less than 24 hours before your event, you will be charged 100% of the base party price, plus a 10% gratuity for services to cover staffing brought in for your event.

Please note, the party will not be considered cancelled until you have received an email confirmation. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours after you have cancelled your party, please contact the store manager. You will be required to produce this cancellation notice in case of discrepancies. It is customer’s responsibility to obtain cancellation confirmation.


Dining Room Decor, ‘Special Requirements’?

Our dining rooms have a tropical theme decor. Host parents are welcomed to personalize their private dining room with themed items that they bring in. Intense dining room set-ups will require extra assist from parents during their event time. Jr! event start times may be delayed if a large set-up is involved. Ideal items to bring for standard set-ups are: Table covers, center pieces, balloons, dessert area decor (including non-glass frames and cardboard backdrops), small toys on dining/dessert tables. Items beyond this will need parent assist (during regular event time) to complete. We provide special masking tape for hanging small banner items on wood areas of our cabinets and/or bamboo trim (stores vary). Limited wall decor is allowed, but only with our tape. Nothing may be attached to wall graphics or dining benches. Nothing may be attached to our ceilings and/or anywhere that can not be reached while standing on the floor.

Will I need to set up the dining room?

Our well trained and helpful staff will set up and decorate your dining room while you are playing and enjoying visiting with your guests. About 10 minutes before entering the dining room, we will have you preview the dining room set-up so we can make adjustments if needed.

What Serving Containers Can I Bring?

Your snacks look great in special containers (but we also enjoy them straight from the bag)! You are welcome to bring wood, plastic, acrylic, or metal containers for chips, fruit, veggies…etc. to dress up your dining room!

Are Candy Bars and Piñatas Allowed?

There in a nominal fee for accommodating for Candy Bars and Piñatas. Please see store location for amount (tends to be ~$25). For Candy Bars, we can provide an extra table, please bring a table cover for it. We will assist with the Candy Bar set-up and take down.

For Piñatas, only pull-string piñatas may be brought to the facility. We do not recommend piñatas at Scooter’s Jungle parties, but if essential, they can only be done in the dining rooms and all supplies (including a broom stick to hang it from & parents to hold the stick) needs to be brought in via the host parent.

Are Popcorn and Confetti allowed in the dining room?

Popcorn and confetti require additional clean-up, these items are allowed only if pre-approved by the manager and may include a handling fee or clean-up fee. (In general, we also request these items not be brought in.)

What’s on the menu for the dining room?

Scooter’s Jungle offers a variety of fresh homemade pizzasmade fresh on-site in our ovensplus, mini corn dogs or chicken tenders. You are welcome to supplement our main dishesat no charge with any dry snacks and two additional platters: one fruit platter and one veggie, plus dips (up to 30 oz. size). A fee will be charged for salads, sandwiches, or hot foods brought in for your event.(Note: Placentia, CA location, while 100% health certified, pizza is delivered by a local supplier.)

Can you heat up my hot platters?

Per health code, we are unable to heat or reheat any dishes that are brought in from the outside for food safety. Please pre-heat special food diet items and bring in a travel container.

Will I need to serve my guests?

Our amazing staff will serve foods and drinks to the children. They will also refill drinks and offer additional food after all the kids are served. We request that adults serve themselves, we set up an “adult food table” for easy access. Extra staff can be added, at a nominal fee, if you would like for us to serve the adults also, please contact store and discuss during booking process.

Is Scooter’s Jungle staff certified for food handling?

Every staff member is required to receive and maintain a California state food handler certificate and managers must maintain a Serve Safe Certification.

Can I bring in chaffing dishes or hot plates?

Due to safety risks and fire hazards, hot plates, chaffing dishes, coffee makers, chocolate fountains, etc. are allowed only if“pre-approved” by the store manager. Additional fee may apply.

Are Scooter’s Jungle Pizza’s made in house?

Yes, to meet our own high standards, we make our own delicious and healthy pizzas in house in our pizza ovens utilizing our trained pizza staff. (Exception: Our Placentia location orders pizza in from Papa John’s)

Is there Egg in any of the food products made at Scooter’s Jungle?

There is no egg in our pizza. Our Chicken Tenders and Mini Corn Dogs do contain egg products.

Do I cut and plate the birthday cake/cupcakes?

After everyone has eaten,our staff will prepare the cake or cupcakes, light the candles and orchestrate the singing of the birthday song. We’ll even provide the knife and lighter for the cake! We’ll cut the cake and serve all guests, including adults. (Note: adults may need to assist on cake service if group is large and/or gifts are to be opened.)

Is there MSG or Trans-Fats in Scooter’s Jungle Pizza?

All of our pizza products and ingredients are 100% MSG free! Scooter’s Jungle pizza crust does contain less than 2% hydrogenated soybean oil, so there are trans-fats in it, but very little 😉

What types of drinks are available?

We offer a variety of soda and non-carbonated drink options. These are included with pizza purchases (unlimited with ‘Super’ or ‘Over the Top’ packages) or can be purchased a-la-carte. Drinks are offered during the dining room time of your event.

May I bring ice cream to go with the cake?

Instead of scooped ice cream, we recommend bringing ice cream cakes or individual ice cream cups, frozen very hard, which are easy to serve.

If you really want to bring ice cream, please supply bowls, spoons, scooper, and a guest ready to scoop it (our staff will not be able to scoop ice cream during cake service). We do not have freezer space to store ice cream products, we can store them in our refrigerator.

Can we Open Gifts in the Dining Room?

If you decide to open gifts, our staff will guide the birthday child to the throne and present gifts for opening. We will request a parent volunteer (not the birthday parent(s)) to write the type of gift next to the invited guests name on our check-in list so you enjoy and stay focused on all your guests. After all gifts have been opened and acknowledged, we will bag the gifts for transporting home. Please note: we do not open cards during gift opening due to time constraints.

Does the Health Department inspect Scooter’s Jungle kitchens?

Yes, even though we are not a traditional restaurant, our kitchen and facility is inspected and approved by the local county Department of Health for full “food handling” license. This is done at all locations, including Placentia.


Can a guest play while wearing a cast?

For safety, any guest wearing a cast, (splint/sling/brace, etc.),is welcome to attend the event and use the floor games, but will not bepermitted to participate on the inflatables.

Is each guest, including an adult, required to have a completed/signed waiver?

For insurance purposes, every guest who enters our play arenas, even grandparents and babies who may not play,must have a completed liability waiver. For guests under 18 years ofage, the waiver must be completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian. Waivers are available at Scooter’s Junglelocations or online .

Are socks required?

Yes, socks are required to play on the inflatables for hygiene purposes.For those who forget, socks are available for a minimal fee.

Can adults play on the inflatables and amusement attractions?

Yes, most of our custom-built inflatables and attractions are “adult-size”, so we encourage adult play (as long as they are within the manufacturers guidelines for height and weight-which are posted within each facility).

What type of play equipment will I find at Scooter’s Jungle?

Scooter’s Jungle features custom-made, enormous inflatables and permanent attractions that are right-sized for kids and parents, from ages 1 to 101. We offer age-appropriate play arenas that enable kids and parents to play together for an active, fun-filled memorable experience. And we’re home to the tallest and longest indoor inflatable slides, the original indoor zip lines, pretend rooms, and indoor obstacle courses—just to name a few.

Does Scooter’s Jungle provide supervision in the play areas?

Our fun and friendly trained staff will provide supervision in the inflatable play areas; however, supervision is a shared responsibility between the adult guests and our staff.

Are Scooter’s Jungle inflatables & attractions safe and clean?

Absolutely! Our tropical custom-made inflatables and attractions are designed for high volume, indoor use. Each inflatable is put through rigorous testing before being released to any Scooter’s Jungle location. We anchor each inflatable to the floor and/or wall to provide extra stability. We have a daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule that keeps our facilities and equipment clean and fresh. Plus, our inflatables and attractions have a routine inspection plan for any ongoing maintenance needs.


What time should I arrive?

We ask that the event host arrive five minutes before the event start time as listed on reservation agreement. Our supportive staff will help you unload your car, review, get you checked in and confirm your party planner so that you can welcome and enjoy the rest of the party without any worries.

What time should my guests arrive?

We suggest guests arrive at the beginning of the scheduled party time. We start with a 15 minute ‘meet and greet’ period to: a) Complete waivers, b) Check-in gifts, c) Hello time for guests, d) Provide safety speech.

Do I have to wait for all my guests to arrive before we can start the party?

Approximately 10 minutes into your meet and greet time, we start the safety speech provided half of the expected kids have arrived. Any guest(s) who arrive after safety speech has started, will be checked in and provided an individual safety review.

Will my guests need to carry their gifts throughout the event?

Absolutely not! At Scooter’s Jungle we checkin all gifts for the birthday child. We tag, document and note the invited guest’s name, and keep the gifts safe.

Will my guests share the inflatables and dining room with guests from other parties?

Not a chance! Your party is completely private, 100% of the time. You will not share your play arena or dining room during your scheduled time. This allows for the safety and security of your guests, and for our staff to focus on making your event “The Best Party Ever!”

Do I need to stay at the party?

The party host is required to stay during the party. We encourage all adults to stay and enjoy the inflatables. If you cannot stay, please designate an adult in your party to assume responsibility.We recommend at least five (5) adults stay at your event. Note: Teen events (ages 15 and higher) need at least a 10/1 adult ratio, adults must be 25 and older to count as the supervisors at a teen event.

Who will supervise the kids?

Scooter’s Jungle amazing staff with help supervise and encourage both adults and kids to play. Our staff will give the birthday child a choice of 2-3 games to play, such as hide and seek, relay races or ‘climb the slide’ games. Since safety is a shared responsibility, we recommend that all adults help superviseand report concerns.

Can I spend more time in the inflatable arena?

Typically we are unable to extend your play-time in the arena unless you have the first or last scheduled party of the day. This would need to be arranged during the booking process and an additional fee would apply.

Can I bring drinks and snacks in during the arena play time?

We allow water bottles in the arenas during play-time. Not only can juice, sodas and snacks damage the inflatables, bouncing kids don’t mix well with sweet drinks and full stomachs! (Note: For locations with Jr! Arenas: The Jr! Arenas do accommodate for snacks to be available from the beginning of your event; see store location for arena options.)

Will I have an opportunity for a group photo?

Ten minutes before your party moves into the dining room our friendly staff will gather all the kids for a photo opportunity with the birthday child wearing his/her crown or tiara.


What’s included in Scooter’s Jungle Private Party Packages?

Scooter’s Jungle offers a variety of worry-free party options, from the “Base”event to “Super” and “Over the Top” packages.

Base Events items are listed (these are ALL included in either ‘Super’ or ‘Over the Top’ packages also):

Base Event Includes:

  • 22 Kids & 20 Adults (plus b-day kid and 2 parents are FREE)
  • (Note: Aliso Viejo location = 22 kids & 22 adults + 1 free Bday child)
  • Choice of one arena with a staff member
  • Dining room, with a separate staff member, set-up, serving and clean-up
  • Plates, Cups, Forks, Napkins (color: white)
  • Crown or Tiara for birthday child
  • Gift check-in
  • Online invitations and online ‘thank you’ notes
  • Babies are free! (under 2 in Village/Ultimate, and free for under 1 in our Jr! arenas – for locations with a Jr! Arena) See location for actual arena type available.

Additional items provided in our packages are:

  • ‘Super’ Package: 7 1-topping pizzas + unlimited drink refills during dining room time. Note: Home-made pizza is made on-site (except for Placentia).
  • ‘Over the Top’ package: 7 1-topping pizzas, unlimited drinks, 22 ‘Fun Bags’, 1 Memory T, 1 Scooter Monkey, 6 Balloon Bunch. (Items may be upgraded in this package for an additional cost.)

We have many menu items for Novelties (Party Favors)-Only pay for what you use!, Food, and Balloons that can be added “a-la-carte”, plus packages can be upgraded! Let us make your party AWESOME!

Does Scooter’s Jungle manage the party?

Yes, our red carpet service handles the details from start to finish, enabling you to enjoy a worry-free party!

Can I Rent 2 Arenas at the same time for a larger Private Party?

Some events are REALLY Large! For those occasions, we do offer a “Plus Party” option that may be a better fit for you. Our ‘Plus Parties’ have minimum spending requirements for both food and guest fees. Please discuss with your location’s customer service for more information. If your group qualifies to book 2 arenas as a ‘Plus Party’, you will be required to pay the rental fee for each arena. Your base head counts allowed will be the same as for one party, you will not get double the child/adult head counts included in the price. Additionally, if min. spends are not met during the event, the difference will be applied to your final bill at checkout.


Do I need to stay with my child during the Open Play Session?

Yes. Our Open Play events are not designed for drop offs; a parent or guardian must stay with the child(ren). Adults are welcomed to bring small groups of kids, as long as they are responsible for each minor during the entire open play time. This gives other parents a break and conserves parking!

What is Open Play?

Scooter’s Jungle Open Play provides you with an opportunity to play in our arenas during designated ‘Public’ Open Play events:

  1. Toddler Time: For ages 6 &under for 1.5 hours of play. Children under one are free, with a paid sibling.
  2. All Ages: All ages are welcome for 2 hours of play. Children under two are free, with a paid sibling.
  3. Family Fun Events: Fun for the whole family for 3 hours of play. Children under two are free, with a paid sibling. Scooter’s Jungle provides free lemonade and snack(s). Pizza, made in-house, is available to purchase by the slice. (Placentia location orders pizza in)
  4. Note: Space is limited, and entry is provided on first come, first served basis. We request NO outside food/drinks/gifts/party supplies at ‘Open Play’ events. We do not provide access to dining rooms during ‘Open Play’ events, unless private dining time has been purchased separate by you.


What do you do with the leftover food?

Leftover pizza (there usually isn’t any) will be placed in takeout boxes and all other left over food items will be wrapped, packed and loaded onto a cart.

Can I take home the decorations and balloons?

We’ll pack up everything nice and neat and have it ready on a cart for us to take to your car after you have checked out.

What about clean up?

No need or worries, that’s our job! Once you have said good bye to your last guest and you’re all paid up we’ll help you load gifts, leftovers, and supplies into your car. We clean up the mess so you can go home, put up your feet and enjoy the smiles on your child’s face.

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

Gratuities for our staff are always welcome and appreciated. All service industries work for tips and our staff is no exception. If you feel our staff has done an awesome job please show it; if not, please tell us.