Welcome to Scooter’s Jungle, where memories are made! We are a premier private indoor play facility that takes the hassle out of planning a birthday party. Sit back and relax while our highly trained staff, who is dedicated to making your party a memorable experience, helps you from start to finish. Let US do IT for YOU! As stated by many of our loving customers, you will truly receive red carpet service when celebrating your special day with us and will feel like a guest at your own event. When booking with Scooter’s Jungle, it is safe to say you will have an unparalleled experience celebrating the day your child eagerly awaits for all year.

Always Clean Safe & Fun


Always Clean Safe & Fun

Scooter’s Jungle is home to the tallest and longest indoor inflatable slides. You can also find a sports court, obstacle course, and a zipline that make guests of all ages channel their inner child. Our large inflatables allow children and adults to play together, but beware; sometimes the adults have more fun than the kids! Your staff member will organize games and ensure the guest of honor receives special recognition throughout your entire private birthday party event. During the dining experience, we set-up, serve, and clean up to eliminate the stress of hosting a party. The guest of honor will even receive a crown or tiara while sitting on his or her throne. Your safe, clean, and thrilling private event ensures your guest of honor is treated like jungle royalty.

*(May 2021 note:) We take sanitizing SERIOUS and want you to know that along with our regular stringent cleaning that we do DAILY, we have added EXTRA sanitizing steps during & in-between events for the safety of everyone.

Families love us!

This is my second time coming here for my nephews birthday. He had a blast last year and again this year. It's a cute little spot where the birthday boy or girl gets a whole room to themselves with all of their guest. Then after they play we all go in another room to eat. It's a cute spot that's clean and the little kids have a blast.

Alicia W. - YELP

If you want a stress-free kiddo birthday party experience, this is the place to throw it. Scooter's Jungle had been on my list to check out for a couple years because one of my coworkers kept raving about it, and then we were finally invited to a birthday party here last year and it was pretty fun, so I was able to talk the husband and child into celebrating here this year. Best. Decision. Ever. Once you book, they start sending information to help you decide what you want to order in terms of supplies and food. Pizza needs to be ordered through them since they have an on-site kitchen, but for a fee you can bring in food from elsewhere and they don't charge you a fee to bring in snacks and drinks. They even have a catering agreement with Mendocino Farms, which was very tempting since we love Mendo, but we usually end up with lots of leftovers from parties that we don't really want to eat, so we passed on that. The ordering forms are pretty self-explanatory, but they were always very helpful on the phone if I had any questions. And as the date approaches, they send you checklists so you're clear on what to do and bring. On the day of the party itself, the staff takes care of practically everything so you can just focus on enjoying the party and chatting with your guests. They help you unload the car, they inventory everything for you, they set up the room with your decorations (no, I am sadly not of those moms who has a vision for exactly how everything should be placed, so I am more than happy to outsource all of that work), they make all the announcements, they manage the kids, they serve the pizza to the kids, they refill their drinks, they put the candles in the cake and light them, they cut and serve the cake, they tell you when you need to do everything. It's amazing! For example, we brought books and pencils as favors and I was just going to dump them in a pile, but they created a really nice display on some shelves for the kids to peruse. The actual play venue is great for the kids - so many options for bouncing and running around. We were in the Ultimate Arena and there was so much to do - a ball court, bounce house, zip line, giant slide (a bit overwhelming for the 3-year-olds but the 6- and 7-year-olds couldn't get enough of it), obstacle course, basketball hoops, ping pong, and air hockey, plus there was a nice long bench where the parents could sit down and socialize. Even the grandparents played some ping pong. And at the end of the party, they pack everything up for you and - here's the especially wonderful part - they tag all the gifts and start a gift list for you so you know who gave what and can easily track what thank-you cards to write. Can't recommend this kids birthday party venue enough - just wish it were closer to us!

Sharon Y. - YELP

Our Arenas

El Segundo Village Arena

Suggested for Ages 1-8

El Segundo Ultimate Arena

Suggested for Ages 6 & Up!

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Package Types

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Base Package

All of our party events book as ‘Base Package’ initially. Host may bring food items on the ‘suggested list’ (See Private Birthday Parties Page).  We will do a formal party planner call with you 2-3 days before your event – this is when most of our events upgrade and/or add supplies to their party.

package image

Super Package

Includes ‘7’ 1-Topping Pizzas and Unlimited Drink refills!  (7 pizzas includes 3 drink pitchers.) You have plenty of time to think this option over, as it will be discussed about 2-3 days prior to the event.

package image

Over the top Package

A “one stop shop” package that includes it all! Bring your cake, candles, and birthday kiddo and we will handle the rest!  This package includes:  ‘7’ 1-Topping Pizzas, Unlimited drink refills, 6 balloon bouquet, 22 ‘Fun’ bags, and a memory t-shirt.


What steps are you taking to address COVID-19 concerns?

3/13/20 update:  We are requiring the following 7 steps to be incorporated into our parties immediately to align our parties with the requests of CA government and the CDC.  These steps are in addition to our venue sanitizing program.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we make these adjustments for the health & safety of all:

  1. Parties must be under 50 guests in total,
  2. Safety instruction staged for events with over 30 guests total,
  3. Contact games will not be allowed, guests encouraged to stay arms length apart,
  4. Frequent sanitizing in arena and dining rooms will continue as part of our normal operation during events,
  5. Only 4 guests dining settings will be set per 'bench side' to allow more space between guests,
  6. Candles will not be blown-out over entire bday cake, we will offer a pre-cut slice for bday child with candles to blow out,
  7. We will discontinue singing the 'Happy Birthday' song in dining room, but have a fun option available.
  • Our venue sanitizing program includes the following:
    • Regular Before & After hours Deep Cleaning
    • Frequent Cleaning Wipe-Downs During Store Hours
    • Hourly Restroom Checks for Cleanliness & Safety
    • To include 20 second-hand washing signage which is #1 task for individual health
    • Daily Area Checks for Cleanliness & Safety
    • Accessible Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
    • Along with Lysol spray disinfectant, we are proud to use commercial grade sanitizer, all purpose soap, and hand sanitizer for guest contact; plus, Lemon Quat disinfectant for heavy, non-food surface cleaning in addition to our other cleaners.  We have an excellent record with the health department whom inspects us regularly due to our on-site kitchen facilities.
    Additional Precautions: We have increased in-store cleaning protocols to ensure that the reception desk, doorknobs, phones, faucets, and check-in areas are regularly sanitized.  As an extra precaution, we ask that if you feel sick, display symptoms, or are recovering from an illness, please delay your visit to Scooter’s home for a later date.  We have asked the same of our staff.

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