Halloween ‘Pre-Gaming’ at Kids Venues in Santa Clarita Valley

Kid Event Venues for Halloween FUN!

Halloween FUN Kid Venues

The anticipation of Halloween is so huge for young ones!  Getting the perfect costume and finding cool places to wear it can take over the though process of boys and girls for the whole month before the big day.  Keeping this in mind, parents can add to the fun and Halloween memories by finding fun, active venues that may be hosting kids parties ahead of the bid 10/31 day.  Going to Halloween parties a few days before halloween let’s parents ensure that the costume is ready and in working order.  It let’s the kids get to do a test run in their new costume.

Check out kids venues in your area for online calendars to see if they are offering Halloween events ahead of the actual day.  If you get lucky enough to find exciting and age appropriate events going on, make sure you go user ready by checking off the following items:

  1. Make sure the costume fits correctly and will let your little one play actively without tearing or putting them at risk (keep loose ropes/necklaces/swords…etc. in the car or in mom or dad’s hands until the actual 10/31 trick or treat night.)
  2. Choose a venue that is kid friendly to ensure your little ones do not get surprised by ‘overly’ adult costumes.
  3. Choose an event that has games and activities as the primary feature.  Candy is so yummy, but it’s nice when they get a little bit of candy and a whole lot of active FUN when ‘pre-gaming’ for Halloween.

You can search online for cool ‘pre-Halloween’ activities.  Some local options in the Santa Clarita area are:

Finding a Kids Venue that offers Private Parties

Finding a Kids Venue that offers private parties, such as Scooter’s Jungle is always a great way to ensure that your ‘pre-gaming’ Halloween fun will be focused on just your little ones and friends who all come for the same purpose, versus getting their cute costumes mixed up in a sea of customers whom are just wanting to have fun, but not planning to celebrate a special holiday such as Halloween.